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Van Gogh Self Portrait
Van Gogh's dozens of self-portraits were an important part of his oeuvre as a painter. Most probably, van Gogh's self-portraits are depicting the face as it appeared in the mirror he used to reproduce his face, i.e. his right side in the image is in reality the left side of his face.
The first self-portrait by van Gogh that survived, is dated 1886. All the self-portraits executed in Saint-Rémy show the artist's head from the left, i.e. the side with non-mutilated ear. No self-portraits were executed by van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise, during the final weeks of his life.
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Autoportraits de Van Gogh
Les autoportraits de Vincent Van Gogh sont un ensemble de tableaux et dessins représentant l'artiste-peintre Néerlandais entre 1886 et 1889. Durant sa carrière artistique, Van Gogh s'est représenté dans près de 43 peintures et dessins. Si l'authenticité des portraits de Van Gogh ne fait aucun doute concernant la grande majorité d'entre eux, certains attribués par Jacob Baart de la Faille, auteur du premier catalogue raisonné, ont depuis été contestés ou retirés de la liste. Ainsi, il n'est connu aucun autoportrait de Van Gogh datant de son séjour à Auvers-sur-Oise.
Liste der Selbstbildnisse Vincent van Goghs
Im Sommer erlitt er einen schweren Anfall, in dessen Verlauf er (ebenso wie während eines weiteren Anfalls Ende des Jahres) versuchte, giftige Farben zu schlucken, was möglicherweise als Selbstmordversuch gewertet werden kann. Danach wagte er sich für Wochen nicht aus dem Haus, malte indes mehrere Selbstporträts. Außerdem setzte er eine Reihe von Gemälden, die er schätzte und als Schwarzweiß-Reproduktionen besaß – vor allem von Delacroix und Millet –, in farbige Gemälde um. Im Frühjahr 1890 kehrte er wieder zum Thema der Schwertlilien zurück.
凡高和丢勒、伦伯朗一样,在画史上以自画像著称。凡高一生很少拍照,然而在1885到1889四年间他却以惊人的耐力画了四十多张自画像,完成这些作品并不是件容易的事,还没有哪位艺术家能象他这样在观众面前将自己暴露无遗。透过这些油画,我们深深地了解了一个人的痛苦、恐惧、自我怀疑、精神折磨以及生活中偶尔的快乐。1998年11月19日,凡高的一幅没有胡子的自画像(اللوحات الفنية )以7150万美元拍出。
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Van Gogh Self Portrait

The 1889 oil painting is a popular van Gogh self portrait done by the artist, and one of the more noticeable ones before he committed himself to the asylum. There is a signature look that has become familiar with anyone looking at any Vincent van Gogh painting portraits, the same look that has led to endless analysis about his emotional state when painting them. About forty different paintings were done in the self portrait style, not only because it was important to him as a growing artist, but also due to lack of funds. While other big time artists during that period would hire models to pose for their paintings, van Gogh shaved off the costs of hiring such models by drawing himself or landscape paintings. This was around the time that some of the more top tier models for paintings became almost as the painters themselves. So while other artists would court the professionalism of the best models in the world, artists like van Gogh would stick to familiar territory. Over a ten year period, he created some really jaw dropping paintings of himself like diego rivera and frida kahlo, all with the idea of improving his van Gogh portrait style.
Frida Kahlo was another painter that was famous for her self portraits, spending the majority of her career concentrating on perfecting the style. Just like the van Gogh self portrait, the emotions on her face spoke greatly about her character as an artist. Through these van Gogh paintings, fans gained some insight into her persona and ultimate passion for being a creative artist. In some ways, it was van Gogh that inspired Kahlo and other artists to embrace self portraits. While there existed several of these paintings for van Gogh over the years, the 1889 version is of particular interest to many people. Musée d'Orsay, Paris gained possession of the painting in 1986 as well as Picasso Guernica and Melting Clocks, where it continues to be displayed with other popular works. As a premiere post-impressionist artist, van Gogh refined this style over the years to become something more personal for him as a creator. When he showed van Gogh self portrait to Dr Paul Gachet, he was pleased with how it looked and was one of the few people to see van Gogh near the end of his stay at Auvers-sur-Oise in Paris.
There are some key things associated with this particular painting, with one of them being its historical standing, so are works by salvador dali and pablo picasso. People are not sure whether this was the final Vincent van Gogh self portrait or whether self portrait without a beard was the final one. The latter was also done in 1889, and there has been a hot debate on whether it is truly the last one he did in this style. Even if it wasn’t the last, self portrait without a beard ranked as the third most expensive painting ever sold in 1998, rather than Manet Olympia and Iris Van Gogh. For a price of $71.5 million, it even compared in overall value to Vincent van Gogh self portrait. Both paintings are still considered to have a worth of tremendous value, even by modern prices without inflation.

Van Gogh Ear

Van Gogh Ear

The ongoing mental illness that plagued van Gogh through his entire career was both a crippling instability and major creative muse for his same talents as marc chagall and andy warhol. His physical health would often be neglected because of this illness, which is one of the reasons why van Gogh ear is something that will forever be attached to his legacy. Drinking also played a major role in his life, and may have been a factor when he mutilated his own ear. Rumors throughout history muddled some of the truth about what led to his ear being mutilated, with some books of modern contemporary art for sale pointing to it involving a love interest. Other false accounts include his ear being completely sliced off by fellow artist Paul Gauguin, who was a dear friend of van Gogh and his brother. There is some truth to the van Gogh ear being cut in part to the actions of Gauguin, but not directly. Historians have found the story that is closest to the truth, although some parts are still being debated, as if henri matisse and jack vettriano. The story goes that after several nights of erratic behavior from van Gogh, their relationship became strained. There was supposed money troubles involving the van Gogh’s and Gaugin, as he was one of the primary handlers of their art like rene magritte. The stress of the situation pushed van Gogh over the edge, and while he was in his room it led to him cutting his ear with a razor blade as talked in toperfect reviews. Where the story gets bizarre with van Gogh ear is how he wrapped it up in paper and mailed it to a woman at a brothel that both men were familiar with. This is the part of the story that often gets wrapped up in myths, as people assume a love interest was the reason he cut off his ear in the first place.

Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait 1889 Analysis

Still in consideration for being the last self portrait ever created by the famed artist, there are a lot of things to pick apart when looking at his 1889 work. While it is true he did several self portraits over the years, that doesn’t take away from the fact that they were all increasingly different with Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Even small subtleties like painting himself without a beard showed a very private portion of his life that fans clamored for. And of course any Vincent van Gogh self portrait 1889 analysis will always point out the changes in his self portraits as he was going through mental illness. It’s hard to ignore the differences between his earlier self portraits in his career and the 1889 version which could be considered his last. What is most remarkable about this painting is that it showed great technique as The Scream and Starry Night Van Gogh, skill that rivaled even the greatest artists of all time. Even with such a unique skillset, van Gogh only sold a single painting during his lifetime. Even with his notoriety and strange behavior, The Red Vineyard was the only painting that he sold while he was alive. Despite the public not appreciating him, the many self portraits showed a very confident human like tamara de lempicka or edward hopper. For an artist that was considered not commercially successful during his career, the Vincent van Gogh self portrait 1889 analysis shouldn’t ignore that all of his self portraits showed confidence as Liberty Leading the People. This is especially true for the 1889 work, which looked like a man that was complete and ready to explore the deeper depths of his craft. Even if Ana Boch turned out to be his only customer during van Gogh’s long career as roy lichtenstein and norman rockwell, she was one of many people who admired his strength, courage and overall determination. And all of those qualities are present and showing in the 1889 self portrait.

Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait

Self-Portrait With Grey Felt Hat

Created in 1887, it features van Gogh fully bearded and comfortable. The media used at the time was oil on cardboard, and it has held up very well over time without a lot of degradation as Persistence Of Memory and The Birth of Venus. Self-Portrait with grey felt hat is one of the more relaxed self portraits he created, and was painted in the winter. This would explain the clothing in the painting, and also shows a hint of style from the technique he learned from Pointillists.

Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear

The popularity of self portrait with bandaged ear not only comes from the real life story it tells, but the speculation that followed after it was finished. Van Gogh used a mirror to finish the painting as toperfect.com reviews & complaints, so it fueled a lot of the gossip about what really happened to his ear over the years since the painting depicts that he bandaged his right ear. It is actually his left ear which was mutilated, and he simply painted the reflection of himself. Self portrait with a bandaged ear is proudly displayed at Courtauld Gallery in London.

Van Gogh Self Portrait With Straw Hat

The oil on canvas version of van Gogh self portrait with straw hat was finished in 1887, long before the troublesome events of his life had accumulated, earlier than The Kiss Klimt and Van Gogh Self Portrait. A Neo-impressionist technique is used with this work, and it is an important self portrait due to his awareness of color theory and current movements of the era. Van Gogh continued to be his own model, and this served as one of the earlier artworks paintings where he showed off a love for self portraits. Currently in a private collection, it has been shown in exhibitions several times worldwide.

Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear and Pipe

At this point in his career, van Gogh wore the tortured artist tag that the public had given him, and he wore it well. Self portrait with bandaged ear and pipe is yet another work by van Gogh that shows off the damage he did to his ear, earlier than Monet Water Lilies and Impression Sunrise. This time he is smoking a pipe but wearing the same winter-type clothing as in his other bandaged ear painting, signaling that it is still winter. Finished in 1889, self portrait with bandaged ear and pipe is one of the most coveted oil paintings for sale from the self portrait collection.

Van Gogh Portrait

More Information about Van Gogh Self Portrait

Self-Portrait with Dark Felt Hat is amongst the earliest of Vincent's self-portraits. It was discovered late in the family collection and was not exhibited before 1945. Opinions differ about the date and place of its execution. De la Faille thought it painted in Antwerp before 1886 like Girl With A Pearl Earring and Cafe Terrace at Night, while Hulsker thought it painted in Paris in spring 1886. Hendriks and Tilborgh opt for autumn 1886, based on its resemblance to Vincent's work that winter when he began to embrace Neo-impressionism. X-ray analysis reveals a nude figure study below like in Dogs Playing Poker. Since students did not work from the nude model at Antwerp, this places the painting as executed in Paris where Vincent had enrolled in Fernand Cormon's atelier as well as Las Meninas and Rembrandt Night Watch. There is no other work in Vincent's oeuvre which complements this portrait, which has led to some authors such as Dorn questioning its authenticity. However Hendriks and Tilborgh are satisfied that the painting is consistent with others executed at the beginning and end of Vincent's first year in Paris as joan miro. Marc Edo Tralbaut, Vincent's principal biographer, especially valorised the portrait, selecting it for the dust-jacket of his biography and stating that Vincent had laid himself bare for the portrait. Tralbaut notes that Vincent painted a number of self-portraits at this time as toperfect.com reviews, possibly because of his difficulty in getting models to sit for him. He was in poor health and his teeth were falling out, prompting him to grow a moustache to conceal them. At this time he was wearing city-clothes in an effort to stress his middle-class background as he strove to establish a conventional career for himself as an artist.
Almost at the same time as when his Catalogue raisonné was published, Jacob Baart de la Faille had to admit that he had included paintings emerging from dubious sources, and of dubious quality like Creation of Adam and Primavera Botticelli. Shortly after, in 1930, De la Faille rejected some thirty odd paintings, which he had originally included in his catalogue - together with a hundred of others he had already excluded: Self-portraits - and Van Gogh Sunflowers - held a prominent place in the set he now rejected. In 1970, the editor's of De la Faille's posthumous manuscript brand marked most of these dubious Self-portraits as forgeries, but could not settle all disputes.

Van Gogh Self Portrait With Straw Hat

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